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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Shelter For Your Dog


Many residents choose to keep their dog outside and although we prefer the family pet be housed indoors, it is not illegal.  However, it is in violation of city ordinance #505.08 if the dog does not have a dog house. 

The house must be of proper size for the dog, have proper bedding and a flap over the entrance.  Common sense dictates the doorway should face towards a building to minimize wind entering the doghouse.

Frozen water is not considered fresh water, so you may want to invest in a heater that will keep the water thawed.  The dog should be fed additional food providing it with the extra energy it will use to keep warm A garage, shed, enclosed porch or any other building, is not considered proper shelter.

When the outdoor temperature drops into the teens the dog should be brought into the house even if kept in the basement. Even longhaired dogs can suffer from iceballs between their toes and on the pads of their feet.  They may also suffer from frost bite.

Should we receive a complaint and find it to be valid your dog will most likely be taken to the shelter if you are not home. You may or may not be issued a citation depending on the severity of the violation.   If charged, your dog will remain at the shelter until your case has been heard and completed in our municipal court.  All impound and board fees must be paid before the dog is release.

It is our responsibility to do everything within the guidelines of the law to insure the animals in our City are cared for properly.  We, however can not do this without the help of our residents.  Neglected animals can not help themselves so it is up to you to notify us if you suspect animal neglect or abuse.  You may remain anonymous if you wish.