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Special Care Unit

The following dogs are some of these poor creatures that would have been
left to die a horrible, debilitating and painful death in the streets
of your community.  Sometimes their fur is that matted they
cannot eat or drink, and many cannot walk properly. 

But, there IS hope……

NSW Animal Rescue cares for small breed, special needs dogs and puppies. 
Our philosophy is to give life back to animals that would face certain death
through painful neglect, disease and illness.

The special needs animals we take into our care are able to be re-homed after
they have had extensive & often expensive veterinary care. 

We have many dedicated carers, including qualified veterinary surgeons and nurses
who give many hours every day to rehabilitate & care for the special needs
dogs & puppies in our rescue.

Giving life back to the animals is rewarding, but expensive.
 We are grateful for financial assistance from the public as there
is an ever increasing number of abused and neglected
animals coming into our rescue.

Please click on a name below and follow the story of each animal that has arrived
at our shelter.

emaciated dog


sick dog


cherry eye


cookie - a nswar dog!






special needs dogs

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