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Sherry arrived at NSWAR with both eyes affected by "cherry eye".

"Cherry eye" is also called an everted third eyelid.  Left untreated,
Sherry may have developed conjunctivitis and possibly
ulceration in both her eyes.

Sherry required two surgeries to repair each eye, a total of four eye
surgeries.  This dear little girl also had a small umbilical hernia in need
of surgical repair as well.

Treatment of animals like Sherry is expensive, and if you would
like to sponsor a bed in our special care area, please contact us.

All sponsorships are acknowledged by a plaque in our special care area.

NSW Animal Rescue

NSW Animal Rescue

Below is Sherry after her first surgeries on both eyes - you can see
why a second surgery was necessary!

NSW Animal Rescue

NSW Animal RescueNSW Animal Rescue

NSW Animal Rescue

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