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Minnie arrived at NSWAR from a Sydney pound.

This 2 year girl presented to NSWAR weighing only 30kg.
A great dane and pregnant with 11 full term puppies, Minnie was emaciated
and we had concerns for her unborn family.

On arrival Minnie was examined by a veterinary surgeon and placed
on intravenous fluids.  She was severely dehydrated and emaciated.

Minnie and her unborn puppies were deemed high risk and we knew survival
of the pups was not likely.

The puppies were born 2 days after after Minnie arrived at our shelter, and
only 3 of the 11 puppies survived.

This little family needed 24 hour care for many weeks.  The puppies were
placed in a humidicrib and hand reared as Minnie was
way too ill to care for her babies.

Minnie's 3 puppies have been adopted and today Minnie
weighs a healthy 65kg.

She is a beautiful girl and deserves a good home.

Veterinary treatment and nursing care for animals like Minnie is expensive, and if you
would like to sponsor a bed in our intensive care area, please contact us

All sponsorships are acknowledged by a plaque in our special needs area.

Below is Minnie on arrival at our shelter!
emaciated dog!


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