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Dear little Bonnie, a 6 year old chihuahua arrived at our rescue at the
end of June 2007.  Her tiny little body had to carry the physical burden
of a huge hernia that hung below her knees.  She also had two mammary
tumours that needed to be removed.

Her huge hernia contained much fatty tissue, as well as her uterus. 
Imagine the relief Bonnie felt when she was able to walk without hindrance,
and to go to the toilet without having to squat around this gigantic bulge. 

After surgery, Bonnie's tiny tummy was a patchwork of surgical incisions
and sutures.  This teeny girl had 21 sutures in her little tummy..

Many of our dogs come to the rescue in need of life saving surgery, and this
surgery is not only extensive, but also expensive.  Bonnie is a lucky girl as
all her expenses have been covered by her guardian angel.

Below is Bonnie when she arrived at NSWAR

NSWAR - Bonnie


NSWAR - Bonnie

Treatment of animals like Bonnie is expensive, and if you would
like to sponsor a bed in our intensive care area, please contact us.

All sponsorships are acknowledged by a plaque in our special needs area.



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