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Arriving at the Rescue!

Many of the dogs that arrive at our Rescue are in a filthy and
stinking state. 
The breed of animal is often unrecognisable with the matted fur often being home to fleas, insects, twigs and other dead and decaying matter. Once this stinking matted fur is removed, what is hidden underneath  is often a dog with other health issues due to neglect and abuse.

The matted fur can also conceal large ulcerated areas of skin, often infested with maggots.  We have also discovered collars that have become imbedded within the skin of the poor dog, and surgical removal is required.

We have cared for animals who have had horrendous burns, often from hot oil inflicted upon them by humans. 

Cigarette burns to the face and genital areas is commonly seen on the poor creatures who arrive at our rescue needing our help.

Many of the animals we take have been at the mercy of heartless humans and arrive with injuries that are horrendous.

On this page are the photographs showing the condition of
some poor dogs arriving at our rescue.

  NSWAR caring for special needs animals

We are a no kill shelter and do not receive any government funding

NSW Animal Rescue

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